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Acceptable File Formats

Adobe Illustrator - Default file type of Adobe Illustrator, a popular vector-based program


 Encapsulated PostScript - Universal vector file format which can be opened in all software

Portable Document Format - Self-contained document which preserves vector images as well as fonts or graphics needed to display correctly


A Photoshop Document - Default file format for Adobe Photoshop, this is a working file containing layered images that allows the user to work with the individual layers even after the file has been saved


Joint Photographic Experts Group - Sometimes displayed as .jpg - this raster image format is best for displaying photographic images and must be a resolution of 300dpi for a quality print


Portable Network Graphics - Raster image format like jpeg but also supports a transparency - 300dpi resolution is required for printing


Tagged Image File Format - Raster image format best for high-resolution photos